Gamecoast Network’s mission is to introduce gamification and the new possibilities it offers to
fields such as manufacturing and services that have established procedures and processes. In
practice, this means utilizing gamified elements in the manufacturing industry, for example, to
develop employees’ abilities, to advance work safety, to train customers, and for work induction.

New ideas to boost operations and organizational culture
Gamecoast Network started their cooperation with Kumppania to meet Satakunta’s gamification
network’s need for a new website. Gamecoast Network’s mission is to advance Satakunta’s
professional game and creative network industry, as well as modern technology companies, plus
school and university co-operations, by offering them a platform for collaborative development.
Kumppania is a communication agency with a vast network. Its mission is to understand how to
make life better in collaboration with their customers.

Gamecoast’s website was designed together with Kumppania. As Kumppania’s Nina Toivola says,
we realized how Gamecoast can boost its operations with the website.

Gamifying communications with the Network
Toivola says that the Gamecoast Network offers them networking partners to develop elements of
organizational culture through gamification. Their help can be seen in the way the work day
experience is developed, and how the mechanisms of influence and motivating communications are

Kumppania encourages clients to use gamified storytelling
After Gamecoast’s website was created, the collaborative development with Kumppania continued.
Together with Nina Toivola, we developed the idea of an exciting collaborative gamification
workshop with visualized storytelling to be organized by the MatchIndustry 2019 event.
Kumppania offered its clients a chance to challenge Gamecoast Network’s workshop to invent a
gamification solution for their needs. Vitec Software Group’s challenge regarding their ACUTE
patient information system was published during the workshop. The challenge can be accepted by
game and creative industry companies as well as companies with modern technology, and they can
offer their own solutions. Vitec will choose the three best ideas and then negotiate with the
companies in question to see whether the gamification idea can be executed in the future..

What is your gamified story in the Gamecoast Network?
As games often give players various trophies, stars, or even coffee beans – therefore in
Kumppania’s own everyday operations, Kumppania also promotes their customers’ gamified stories
in the Gamecoast Network. Consequently, they ask the fellow members of the Network:

What is your gamified story in the Gamecoast Network?