Gamecoast Challenges

The challenge competition organised by Gamecoast gathers a wide range of solutions around different challenges. In addition, the competition gives companies the tools to choose the solutions that best suit their needs. A unique community of problem-solvers and interesting challenges attract a variety of developers, as well as other interested parties. You can also find yourself in the challenge competition team. So, take part in the Gamecoast challenges and share your innovative ideas!


The ‘Gaming meets X’ gamification workshop invites you to solve a challenge using gamification or artificial intelligence Provide a solution for the conceptualisation of the customer satisfaction survey and NPS

Vitec is a Nordic software company that develops business critical software for specific niche markets. Vitec has operations in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland. The Acute patient record system is

Usability testing

Know your product. Find out the strengths and weaknesses of your product. Tests carried out by end users provide information about the usability of your product or service. The Gamecoast network offers usability testing, after which companies will know what areas to develop without removing users’ favourite features. Gamecoast can prepare the test and provide concrete suggestions for improvement that you can implement right away.


Product development workshops

Craft your vision about your product into reality. Clear your vision about your new product or service with the workshop. The end result may be a shared vision of a feasible product or service. The aim is to answer questions about the product or service: what, why and how?

The aim is to conceptualize a product or service that creates a “wow” moment for the user, after which the user enters a state of flow, and then experiences a “double wow” moment as the product or service surprises them. After using the service or product, the user should experience a glowing feeling. The user may then want to share this experience and recommend the product or service to others.


Demo workshops

Test your product. A demo is a test version of a product designed to test the functionality of an idea or interface in practice. A demo, which can be a paper version or a technological demo, is used in product development when working towards the end product.


Internationalisation services

The Gamecoast network guides you through the steps of internationalisation. The network offers companies the opportunity to participate in international projects and product testing, for example, in Europe and Asia. More coming soon!