Nopia’s story begins in 1984, when Teemu Erämaa was only 2 years old and Nopia was founded as a totally different kind of business. Teemu bought Nopia in 2005 from his uncle, and turned it into an animation studio in 2010. Nopia produces animations for marketing and presentation purposes, as well as mobile games. Their most recent release is Oku Game – DJ Runner for Oku Luukainen from Radio Nova’s show Retroperjantai. In this endless runner, Luukkainen’s character is late for his DJ gig and is trying to get to the club while trying to avoid nasty ninjas, crazy drivers, and grumpy grannies. Extra points can be earned through fun mini-games. The game also features real artists from the music world, such as the popular dance band Movetron, who help advance the game’s story.

“From the beginning, it was clear that Nopia’s animations were not only produced for the domestic market, but for the international market as well,” says Teemu Erämaa. Nopia has created animations in collaboration with scores successful brands, including a Halo 5 teaser for Xbox, Mercedes Benz, Step Energy Harjavalta, Tactic Games’ brand’s Alias and Lumo Stars, Wolfenstein, and many more. “We are a high-quality animation studio. We stand out from our competitors because of our character animation and our quality,” says Teemu Erämaa, “And since we are a small studio we are able to be flexible, and this is Nopia’s strength. ”

Nopia plans to be the new Rovio from Satakunta!

Teemu dares to dream big because Nopia’s reputation has already risen in the world through their team’s animation, with customers coming in from all over Europe and North America. Nopia wants to grow as a company with a target of about 10 million euros in turnover within the next 5 years. The studio has started to develop its own products, and one example of this is gamified videos. Game-like elements can be produced on top of a video, such as choices that help the user make choices, like stopping the video. “Gamified videos are great for producing new products, digital services, customer satisfaction surveys, or even for a recruitment campaign,” says Teemu Erämaa. “Rapid experimentation and development is the key to developing Nopia’s own products, so we always try to find and learn new solutions from our client projects. “Teemu Erämaa paints the picture of Nopia as Satakunta’s own next Rovio with their enthusiastic attitude, unmatched quality, timeliness.

Nopia implements a gamified video ad for your business

Nopia hopes Prizztech will organize events that can function as online events. Online events could also include matchmaking meetings where people can directly meet up in skype conferences. There are already some of these in the world, but few that Teemu Erämaa has participated. Online events are useful because way businesses do not always have to move to the venue, but the event itself is online as a whole. For Gamecoast, Nopia delivers gaming expertise through animation and game-building. From Gamecoast, Nopia hopes to see more opportunities for collaboration with its partners. Teemu Erämaa already has a new startup company with partners in mind and is ready to start operations.”

Writer Pirita Ihamäki and Translator Felicia (Licia) Prehn