Fenomeno is an advertising agency founded in February 2018. The new entrepreneurial couple behind the company wants to increase the visibility of Satakunta-based companies. Meri Sjöros is in charge of visual design and Kasperi Onnela manages the company’s finances. The entrepreneurial couple doesn’t have a fixed office, so they can work wherever they are, which enables flexible working hours and the fast delivery of services, from printed adverts to website design. As Meri Sjöros states, Fenomeno produces marketing materials quickly and efficiently to meet businesses’ needs. Fenomeno is looking for a freelance coder who could help them with website integration and the development of new innovations for websites and online stores. Fenomeno also offers photography services, including corporate and product photoshoots, which are always implemented according to the specific needs of the customer. Photos can tell the customer’s story in a unique way.

Fenomeno provides visual marketing materials for the needs of Satakunta-based companies – quickly and efficiently

Fenomeno has developed a gamified cost calculator for its website, which customers can use to decide, for example, if they want a logo, content page or ad. In addition to its entertainment value, the gamified cost calculator also provides useful information to the customer. According to Kasperi Onnela, the gamified result was partly accidental. Fenomeno saw an opportunity to start producing a gamified price calculator by visualizing and making the customer experience a visible process. Other gamified elements can also be added to the cost calculator, such as virtual points based on the customer’s purchases, or different contests.

Fenomeno’s successful customer experiences

“A successful customer experience always starts with a good idea,” says Kasperi Onnela.  “Meri Sjöros recalls how we were given the opportunity to transform the visual identity of Cafe Jazz by designing, for example, their marketing materials, outdoor adverts, and even their menus and other small marketing materials. Yyteri Hotel and Spa is also one of our monthly customers to whom we provide advertising materials on a tight schedule, including band announcements. We have also designed the website and a number of printed products such as business cards, gift cards, price lists and posters for Ice Cream House.”

A small player in the Gamecoast network

Fenomeno is hoping to increase its network by finding new partners from the Gamecoast network. Fenomeno is ready to develop new innovative products and services in collaboration with the companies in the Gamecoast network. “Fenomeno brings new expertise, fresh ideas, and visual skills to the marketing of products and services,” states Kasperi Onnela.