The Gamecoast cluster, established as part of the Robocoast network managed by Prizztech, creates new business using artificial intelligence and gamification. The Gamecoast cluster uses smart specialisation as a starting point, which combines modern technology, collaborative development and excellence to create new innovations.

The name of Aline Creative Technology Studio reflects the fact that an idea always starts with ‘aline’. This is also how Jarmo Kovalainen came up with the idea for the company name, Aline. Aline was founded in 2016, and it is owned by Sami Hautamäki, Jarmo Kovalainen, and Toni Aalto. In addition, the company also has two employees and one intern.

“Aline is a conveniently sized agency, and its approach is best described by the term ‘service design’. A customer encounter always starts with service design and an outlining the full scope of the services provided to the customer. The aim is to delve deep into the customer’s business, map out the potential challenges and strengths, and think, together with the customer, how we can help them develop their service design process,” says Sami Hautamäki. Aline treats each customer as an individual and always seeks the best solutions for their particular situation,” says Sami Hautamäki. We have implemented brands, for example, for Satakunta Central Hospital, Ratsula and Tapetit.fi, to name just a few,” says Sami. Currently, we are implementing an application for Autopesula, which will allow customers to pay for a car wash through an app. Due to its flexible design, Aline’s Kyyti Likel application developed for the local public transport company Porin Linjat has increased the number of passengers, as it allows customers to check bus schedules in real
time and to buy tickets through their app. Sami proudly states that the application is very user-friendly and that other cities have expressed an interest in the service as well. Aline sees that gamification is present in the company’s end products. Aline has implemented a mobile game called Namster, where the aim is to pick tomatoes at the right level of ripeness and in the right order. The game can serve as a memory exercise and is therefore suitable for both children and adults.

Aline also aims to develop and grow its business, which is why it has joined the Gamecoast network. Sami states that the Gamecoast network offers small companies an opportunity to solve the challenges of large industrial companies. In addition, Aline has already found collaboration partners through workshops and events organised by the Gamecoast network. Sami hopes that the Gamecoast network will receive challenges and projects from industrial companies, on which
the members of the network can work together.