The Gamecoast network has emerged as part of the Robocoast network, strengthening the capacity of the Robocoast ecosystem. The Satakunta Gamification Network project has branded the name ‘Gamecoast network’ in order to enhance interaction with international networks. The Satakunta Gamification Network project has communicated energetically about its activities, and cooperation with the project funder, the ELY Centre, has been successful. The ELY Centre of Satakunta considers it important to encourage companies to develop their operations and to utilise gamification in their business, as there are so many
possibilities. The Satakunta Gamification Network project also allows companies to
network among themselves, says Anne Jortikka, the development manager of the ELY Centre of Satakunta. The ELY Centre serves as the funder of the project and supports cooperation between different actors in the region, acting as a developer of regional project activities.

Gamification allows us to do things in a new way, and it can also provide a more customer-friendly way to provide services, says Anne Jortikka. Anne Jortikka believes that gamification can be used in any industry, which is why the Satakunta Gamification Network project believes in cooperating extensively with actors from various fields. She also believes that cooperation with other projects is important. Projects can organise joint customer events, combining different disciplines and themes, such as gamification and robotics. The business service operators in the Satakunta region also need to be informed of ongoing projects and the opportunities they provide. Gamification is a relatively new concept and therefore requires extensive marketing. The communication created by Satakunta Gamification Networks has been exemplary, and Anne Jortikka urges the project
team to continue to actively engage with different actors. It would be useful to provide companies with concrete examples and results on how gamification has been utilised in different business settings. Visiting companies and getting to know them is the best way to drive a new idea forward. The needs of the customer, i.e. problems or challenges that needs solving, should always be the starting point. Cooperation with companies is an important part of the operation of the Gamecoast network and the Robocoast network. Industrial cooperation is central to these networks, and this is reflected in our workshops, seminars, demo workshops, and collaborative development projects.