The origin of Framill

The story of the advertising agency Framill began in 2010, when Santeri Kyrövaara completed his
studies at Satakunta University of Applied Sciences. “I started developing Framill in the Enterprise
Accelerator of Satakunta University of Applied Sciences,” says Santeri Kyrövaara. “During my
studies, I had done so much work in the Enterprise Accelerator, that it was easy to start my own
business after finishing my studies. At first, I worked as a sole trader in the Enterprise Accelerator,
and then I turned my business into a limited liability company. The business development
company Prizztech helped me to develop my business into a limited liability company and to
prepare a new business plan,” says Santeri Kyrövaara.

Framill’s main target group includes customers who do not have a website and customers wishing
to update their website. Framill specialises in the design, creation and maintenance of websites.
“We are at our best in the design and creation of websites. Our expertise in the visual design of
websites and the flexible execution of websites are what set us apart from our competitors,” says
Santeri Kyrövaara.

Framill’s collaboration partner WiseNetwork

Framill collaborates with WiseNetwork, a company that also employs Santeri Kyrövaara. Santeri is
one of the ten owners of WiseNetwork. WiseNetwork started off as being the Rakentajat.fi online
service, which was sold to Sanoma. After the sale, the idea for a comprehensive online service
started to develop. WiseNetwork developed the Wise system, which is a comprehensive customer
relationship management solution. The Wise system integrates different systems, such as CRM,
publication, sales tools, financial management and applications, into one comprehensive system,”
says Santeri Kyrövaara. The Wise system works as a multichannel publication system, where
companies can manage their homepage, newsletters, mobile applications, InfoTV, and social
media updates; there is also an automated collection of customer data, and data on companies,
communities and people. The Wise system provides questionnaires and forms for customer
relationship management. The system also includes e-commerce solutions, a product and
inventory management system, a quoting and invoicing system, and even a ticket sales
application. The Wise system also includes a personnel and salary management system and an
accounting system. All the functions include real-time analytics. Collaboration with its partners
allows Framill to offer a wider range of services to its customers.

Framill also offers its expertise to the Gamecoast Network

Framill hopes to find new collaboration partners from the Gamecoast network. According to
Santeri Kyrövaara, using gamification in a website is an interesting concept, and Framill wants to
start developing new gamification solutions for websites.

Framill created the Gamecoast website.

Kumppania organised the presentation of the Gamecoast website in cooperation with Framill, and
Pirita Ihamäki, Head of Gamecoast Network, was impressed by the excellent execution of the
website. Santeri Kyrövaara has always been interested in gamification and the gaming industry
and therefore believes that Framill is very capable of providing visual gamified content for
companies. Framill can develop the visual configuration of mobile applications and develop certain
functions for mobile applications. Framill is a very flexible advertising agency that wants its
customers to be pleased with the service they receive. Framill wants to achieve successes together
with the customer. Renewal is also important to Framill, which is why the company wants to
incorporate gamification as part of website development. Now, you too can challenge Framill to
design a gamified website for the specific needs of your company.