The founding members of Koivu Solutions have extensive experience in enterprise software development as well as supporting client companies in their digitalization efforts. Its founders have worked in the field since the early 90s in both the US and Finland, enabling them to offer their clients hard-core knowledge and experience. The company has offices in the United States and  Satakunta, Finland.

Koivu Solutions brings Microsoft Excel processes to a cloud platform

Koivu Solutions has developed an Excel-based cloud service where Excel processes are automated. With the Koivu Value Flow Cloud (VFC) application, users can work as they normally would in Excel but their data is automatically structured and saved to a cloud platform.

With VFC, Excel spreadsheet data is available in real-time to other users and systems regardless of their physical location.  The benefits of a cloud platform can be immediately taken into use: Computing power, analysis tools, machine learning, and more. Senior Software Architect, Sami Lahti adds, “The digitalization of Excel processes improves workflows and speeds up processes in addition to reducing company costs.”

From the start, Koivu Solutions has provided services to international clients and has offices both in Finland and the United States. The company’s current clients represent the manufacturing, retail, and service industries. “We began as a global company, and most of our projects are currently in North America,” says Sami Lahti.

“We’re continuing to develop our Value Flow Cloud service, and we’re also paying close attention to marketing and branding,” says Lahti. “We’ve joined the Gamecoast Network in order to adopt gamification principles to support our product development and the application’s marketing efforts. We’ve already discussed collaboration opportunities between some of Gamecoast Network’s member companies. We’d like to add gamified and animated instructions to the Value Flow Cloud service to further improve its usability.”

Gamified marketing enables companies to present new ideas in a concrete, more understandable way.

Gamified instructions bring added value to customers in the same way the service’s name implies: ‘Value Flow Cloud’ means better usability that brings more value. People use Excel as a personal tool, and as such it integrates poorly with a company’s digital processes, which, in turn, interrupts the value flow and adds more manual stages to the process. Koivu Solutions created Value Flow Cloud to solve that problem.

Fresh ideas are always welcomed in marketing, and software marketing is no different. For Value Flow Cloud’s marketing, for example, gamification is an excellent solution. Koivu Solutions wants to challenge other Gamecoast Network companies to develop software marketing campaigns that utilize gamification and service design!