Vitec is a Nordic software company that develops business critical software for specific niche markets. Vitec has operations in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland. The Acute patient record system is Vitec’s best-known product in the healthcare industry. The system is developed by an expert organisation of 50 members operating in Tampere, Finland.

Acute is a pioneering cloud-based patient record solution. Healthcare professionals use the Acute patient record system in occupational healthcare, specialised care, therapy, and healthcare centres.

“Vitec is a product-based company. We want to be pioneers, open-minded and try out solutions that are new to the industry,” says Vitec’s Sales Manager Jyri Mäkinen.

Vitec is building the best healthcare data system in Finland

“We communicate with client organisations and the head users of the system, but we do not communicate directly with the end users of the system, such as doctors, nurses and therapists. We want to receive direct feedback about Acute from the end users as well,” says Account Director Tiina Harra.

The Acute patient record system is used by thousands of users every day. For example, in 2018, Acute was used by approximately 5,000 healthcare professionals. Over 4 million appointments and over 5 million patient record entries were made through the system that year.

Our aim is to be the best patient record system in the private healthcare sector

“We want to proceed with an open mind, collect feedback, and communicate it to users as close to real time as possible. We invest in usability. We have acquired a tool for that and we have already discussed various usability assessment methods with our customers. Our aim is to be demonstrably the best private-sector patient record system,” says Tiina Harra.

A challenge has been thrown to gaming and creative industry actors

“How could the conceptualisation of the Acute patient record system’s customer satisfaction survey and NPS results be gamified? How can we encourage users to complete the survey and get them excited about it?” Tiina Harra asks.

We are looking for an entirely new way to carry out an NPS survey and to display the results in a visually appealing way.

NPS (Net Promoter Score) is an index that measures the likelihood of customers to recommend a company, product or service to their friends or colleagues. NPS is based on a comparative study of how likely different questions related to customer satisfaction can forecast customer loyalty, customers’ likelihood to buy again and their likelihood to recommend the service to others. One of the key benefits of the NPS method is its simplicity.

“We are looking for an entirely new way to carry out an NPS survey and to display the results in a visually appealing way. We are looking to incorporate gamified elements in order to motivate the users to complete the survey, and, on the other hand, to encourage them to take part in our development work,” says Jyri Mäkinen.

Aiming for the best possible system

Vitec has been proactive in developing the Acute patient record system for over the past 20 years. Vitec has always emphasised diversity and the continuous development of the system. Now, Vitec is taking a new step forward and approaching end users for feedback.

Developing the Acute patient record system is part of Vitec’s daily operations.

“We want to offer other industries a chance to come and develop an NPS model through gamification. Our aim is to push boundaries and incorporate gamification into healthcare patient record systems. We are happy to tackle new challenges and show the way as a pioneer. Our vision is to develop the Acute patient record system into the best system in Finland, a system that has never been seen before,” says Tiina Harra.

Come and solve the gamification challenge!

We challenge you to develop an NPS model and customer satisfaction survey in a revolutionary way. Take part in developing something that has never been seen before!

The three best solution proposals will be awarded. The contenders will get to discuss their concept with Vitec. Vitec will implement the best solution together with the winning company. Don’t miss this opportunity!


Gamification refers to the use of game design elements in non-game contexts. Those game elements can be, for example, challenges, competitions, virtual signs, points, tasks, collaboration, trophies, storytelling, and levels. Gamification is an approach where common game elements such as points, leaderboards and badges are added to activities or systems. Gamification can be used, for example, in advertising as interactive screens, in teaching as a way to motivate students, in healthcare as a way to describe care procedures, in manufacture industries for work safety simulation training, and in many other fields.

Gamification, combined with modern technology, enables expansion to new business areas. The Gamecoast network helps to speed up product development and commercialisation, and the development of new technology innovations.