The ‘Gaming meets X’ gamification workshop invites you to solve a challenge using gamification or artificial intelligence

Provide a solution for the conceptualisation of the customer satisfaction survey and NPS results of Vitec’s Acute patient record system.

Vitec Software Group is launching a challenge in a gamification workshop held at the MatchIndustry event. The challenge is intended for gaming and creative industry companies, and it must be solved using gamification or artificial intelligence. The three best solution proposals will be announced during the SuomiAreena week at the ‘Robottirannikon Automaatiomessut’ automation fair held in Satakunta on July 18, 2019. If the proposal is feasible in terms of budget and applicability, Vitec may agree on further cooperation with the winning company.


Vitec Software Group is looking for an in-built, gamified customer satisfaction survey for its Acute patient record system to evaluate the performance of the system. The survey is also intended to be used to measure Acute’s Net Promoter Score (NPS) in real time. Vitec wants the survey to appear when users log out from the Acute system. In terms of presentation, Vitec emphasises gamification, creativity and visual appeal. Vitec wants to present customer satisfaction with gamified means – in a new innovative way that has not been done before. The survey will include questions such as “How satisfied were you with Acute today?” and “How likely are you to recommend Acute to your family and friends?”.


Vitec wants the patient record system users to complete the survey, provide feedback, and to participate in Acute’s product development. Based on their responses, the users will also be directed to provide comments, read further instructions and watch video tutorials, sign up for trainings, or find a desired service from Acutemarket.

The actual challenge, in other words, how?

How to use gamification to encourage the respondents to provide feedback?
How to use gamification to get the users to provide their input and to get them involved in the development of the Acute system or to discuss the future trends of patient record systems?
The NPS rating scale is from 0 to 10. The Net Promoter Score is calculated on a scale from -100 to +100. If the score is over +50, the result is excellent. How can the results be measured in real time and displayed to all users of the Acute patient record system?
How to figure out the technical execution if Acute’s code can only be accessed by Vitec’s own personnel?


The challenge will be launched with more details later this year. Gamification workshop is intended for the generation of first-stage ideas, which the companies will be able to develop further for about 4 weeks.

Doctor of Philosophy and Gamification Expert Pirita Ihamäki (PhD, M.Econ., VOC Lecturer) acts as the facilitator of the workshop. Ihamäki also leads the operations of the Gamecoast network.

A warm thank you to communication agency Kumppania, who offered its customers the opportunity to present a gamification challenge.




The Gamecoast cluster combines various themes and technologies, including software development, artificial intelligence, robotics and automation (AR, VR, IOT). Combining these can help solve more complex problems and, on the one hand, create new solutions and products with a real competitive edge. Gamecoast is part of the European-wide expert network Digital Innovation Hub (DIH).

In companies, gamification can be used in different contexts, including recruitment, occupational orientation, wellbeing, the adoption of values, work safety, change impact analysis, etc. Community-based games increase networked social interaction and the provision of feedback. Gamification can also be used to develop new ways for rewarding and motivating employees. A gamified environment can be used in strategy and development work, or for training and sharing information. Gamification can also be used to address and improve the workplace environment.